Blockchain Projects

Morgan Stanley to Offer Wealth Clients Access to Bitcoin Funds

Investment bank Morgan Stanley, with $4 trillion in client assets, has become the “first big U.S. bank to offer its wealth management clients access to bitcoin funds,” CNBC reported Wednesday 31.3.2021.

How AI Is Being Applied Within the Cryptosphere

Artificial intelligence isn’t a panacea that can be liberally applied to every facet of the cryptocurrency industry, nor is it going to render the smartest human traders redundant overnight. Nevertheless, its invisible hand is already pulling strings within the sector, facilitating everything from faster order execution to detecting bots and scammers. Our AI overlords are already here. His name is Quantum.

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Sets New Records, BTC Miners Capture $1.5 Billion in Revenue Last Month

On Friday, April 2, 2021, the difficulty of mining bitcoin will be the highest in his entire life, but the bitcoin miners did record revenue last month, collecting $ 1.5 billion in coin base rewards and transaction fees. Synergy in mining allows you to increase profitability by 40%, ensuring 100% environmental friendliness and nature conservation. Quantum manages the synergy process and provides remote monitoring and control.

Altcoin Aurum Go Along With Nature

Aurum group is committed to build a more complete intelligent navigation for blockchain, as well as an open financial ecological environment, coordinate the upstream and downstream blockchain industry, and promote the sustainable development of blockchain ecology and distributed commerce together with international partners.
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Aurum group is built for institutions of all shapes and sizes

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*Crypto-related business, ATMs, Crypto Payroll, Wallet Services;